Caffeinated Violence. Beans. 1Kg.

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Caffeinated Violence - Single Origin 

1Kg Only Available in Whole Beans


You need this coffee in your life if you find it hard to motivate yourself in the morning, packed full of caffeine, Caffeinated Violence is the go to GoGo Juice.

It will also help keep you awake and alert when carrying out essential duties such as stagging on in a Sanger in some far flung part of the world or chasing down bad guys in the middle of the night.

Caffeinated Violence is also the perfect pre-workout drink.

100% Washed and Polished, Rain Forest Alliance, Speciality Robusta Beans from Vietnam. Slow roasted to produce more caffeine but still provide a smooth coffee.

Caffeinated Violence is dedicated to the men and women, past present and future who choose to face violence on behalf of our great nation.

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