About The Tactical Coffee Company

“It is the obsession for the best cup of coffee that got me started on this journey. I have always had a passion for good coffee and after completing my first coffee course in early 2015 I decided to study coffee, its history and origins. I have had many a cup of guard room coffee and drank too much compo coffee on operations and exercise to know what bad coffee is.

Tactical Coffee takes great pleasure in sourcing the best sustainable coffees from around the world and designing unique blends with our partner coffee roasters to enable us to offer you the best coffee available. We only use the finest, specially selected, washed and polished coffee beans in our coffee blends. All our coffees are traceable, Rainforest Alliance and Fair-trade certified.

Our coffee, along with a selection of coffee making products are predominantly sold via our online store, we have posted our blends all across the United Kingdom, Germany, Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan and Estonia. We currently stock Seven Coffee Blends, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Ugly Five Zero, Tactical Advantage, Caffeinated Violence and our Decaf Coffee 'Fortitude'  We also sell our coffee at military events and through a small network of retail outlets.

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