IGY-SIX Blend and Mug Combo.

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IGY-SIX Blend and Mug Combo

Select Ground or Whole Beans Then Select Mug Design.

250g IGY-SIX Blend and a Tactical Coffee Mug.

A blend of specially selected washed and polished Arabica beans from Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil and Robusta beans from Vietnam. A smooth coffee with an initial sweet taste when drank as an espresso with a lingering earthiness. The Robusta beans give it a gentle caffeine kick. 

Medium Roast

All our coffee beans are roasted using traditional techniques and modern technologies to produce consistent, high quality coffees.

Our specialty coffee is sourced from farms that focus on either Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certification.

Our coffee beans come direct from the farmer so we can guarantee that more of the money we pay for our coffee goes direct to the farmers, workers & their families.

I’ve Got Your Six, is a military term for ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ meaning I’m looking out for you.

IGY-SIX is the ideal coffee blend to buy a buddy to show that you care and you’ve got their back.

We have teamed up with The Men’s Mental Health Charity Tough Enough to Care and will donate £1.00 for every sale to help raise awareness of men’s mental health.

Tough Enough To Care is aimed predominantly at men of all ages who currently fall into the trap of having to act macho instead of talking about feelings and the main aim is to prevent male suicide.

Having recently lost several friends to darker times that they struggled to defeat, ‘TETC’ feel it is now, more than ever, that we need to stand up and show people it really is ok to struggle.

As an Armed Forces veterans that have played rugby they fully understand the position men find themselves in, feeling they have to be strong and silent.

We all have our demons and darkest hours and for some, these are worse than others. We can feel that reaching out to talk to someone is a sign of weakness, somehow asking for help would make them less of a man. This vicious cycle needs to stop quickly.


Feelings of loneliness and isolation are the two biggest contributing factors to a suicide attempt. Before that happens make a call – you don’t have to suffer in silence.


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