Fire Team Collection. 750g.

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Alpha, Bravo and Charlie - Fire Team Collection

Select Ground or Whole Beans

A bag of each of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Coffee delivered in one hit.

750 grams of coffee, making you all tooled up and ready to ruck.

Alpha Blend.


A blend of hand picked Brazil, El Salvador and India speciality Arabica beans. Ethically sourced from the best coffee growers of South America and Asia.

A big full bodied espresso with a naturally sweet caramel flavour. Alpha Blend is balanced and rounded with a muted acidity.

As a milk based coffee, Alpha Blend is sweet, creamy, smooth and rich. Complimented by dark chocolate favours.

Medium-Dark Roast 

Bravo Blend.


A two bean speciality Arabica blend with beans from Guatemala grown in the volcanic soils of tropical valleys and coffees from Cerrado Minas Gerais in Brazil.

A medium bodied espresso of soft acidity, with a maple syrup sweetness and hints of pecan.

As a milk based coffee, Bravo Blend presents milk chocolate and to toffee favours. Ensuring a deliciously smooth and rounded coffee.

Medium Roast 

Charlie Blend.


A blend of Arabica speciality beans sourced from coffee farms in Brazil, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

A sweet and complex blend with a rounded and velvety body, resulting in a vibrant espresso with berry and stone fruit aromas.

As a milk based coffee, Charlie Blend is smooth and mellow with sweet vanilla and milk chocolate flavours.

Medium Roast 

Tactical Coffee is 100% veteran owned and run. All our coffee beans are roasted in the UK by a veteran owned company.

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