RAW Green Beans. Guatemala. 500g.

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RAW Green Beans from Guatemala

Roast - Grind - Drink

These coffee beans are RAW, Green, un-Roasted whole beans from Guatemala.

Turning green coffee beans into the pure black awesomeness we call coffee is a simple process that we recommend you try outdoors.

The key to roasting your own coffee beans is to experiment, the more you do it the better you will become and the better the beans will taste once ground and brewed.

Preheat an iron skillet over heavy duty non-stick pan.

Pour the green beans into the pan and stir continually with a wooden spoon to encourage an even roast.

After a few minutes the beans will begin to turn yellow and you should smell subtle aromas of grass or hay. A few minutes later you will hear ‘The First Crack’ this is when the sugars within the beans start to caramelise and water evaporates and causes the beans to break open. You can remove the beans at this stage for a lighter roast, but we recommend leaving them a little while longer.

The beans will continue to darken and expand as oils make their way to the surface of the bean, as they darken you will hear the ‘Second Crack’ this is the recommended time to remove the beans from the heat and pour into a metal sieve or colander, shake the beans to remove the chaff and help them to cool quickly.

Once the beans have cooled to ambient temperature place them in an airtight container (do not seal) to allow them to de-gas overnight.

Grind your beans to the required texture and brew.

Our coffee beans come direct from the farmer so we can guarantee that more of the money we pay for our coffee goes direct to the farmers, workers & their families.



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