Marital Problems.

Marital Problems.

Marital Problems - A confession from an Ex Copper.

I received an email from a Private Investigation company in Leeds on a Friday morning asking me if I would like to take on a job for them as it was local to me, I replied to their email asking if they could email me the instructions and I would take a look and be able to give them an agent to agent cost.

I received the instructions later on that day, it was a simple matrimonial case where the husband suspected that his wife was having an affair but wanted proof that she was before confronting her. The instructions where very detailed and included a recent photograph and a detailed description of her, the target was 26 years old, long blonde hair and a size 12 and described as very friendly and chatty.

The couple had only been married a few months and was checking her mobile phone when he discovered a text message from an unknown number arranging to meet her the following Saturday in the same place as they had met the previous Saturday, the text didn’t name the rendezvous so I would have to follow her from her house and see where she went and who she met with, I called the company in Leeds and after agreeing the fee they emailed me the targets address, the husbands mobile number and the wife’s mobile number, even though they had already included all of this information in the instructions.

I received a text from the husband at around 5pm on the Saturday night telling me that his wife was getting ready and she had told him that she was going into town to meet some friends and was leaving around 7pm, I replied to his text and thanked him for the information and told him that I would submit my report and video footage to the Private Investigation company by Monday morning.

I got my best clubbing gear on, fitted my button camera to my shirt, prepared my PV-900 and then splashed a bit of the Old Spice on before leaving home to arrive on plot with plenty of time to spare. The target left her house at exactly 7pm; she drove her car into town so I followed her to the town centre car park before taking on the foot follow into the first bar.

She ordered a drink at the bar and sat on her own around the corner so I ordered a coke and plonked myself where I could see her and the front door, about 5 minutes had passed before two young ladies came in and after ordering their drinks walked towards the target and then greeted each other with big smiles and cheek kisses all of witch I filmed on my trusty PV-900.

Around 30 minutes passed before the group of three girls moved on to the next venue, I turned on the button camera and followed them out leaving a respectful distance between the group and myself. We only walked for a few minutes before arriving at the next pub, as I entered I could see the girls stood at the bar ordering their drinks so I got myself another coke and followed them out to the smoking area, it was still early so the pub was almost empty and the smoking area now had its only four customers, myself, the target and her two friends. I stood off to one side and lit a cigarette, as I was doing so I gentle voice asked my for a light, as I looked up I saw my target with a friendly smile holding a cigarette to her mouth, I gave her a light, she smiled and said thank you as I retreated away to a dark corner.

I continued to film the girls with my PV-900 strategically placed on a table and trying to listen in on their conversation, as the smoking area started to fill up with customers the only words I could hear from the girls where starting to get a little saucy and one of the girls occasionally imitated giving her thumb a blow job.

As the night went on we visited a few more bars and downed a load more drinks with no sign of any male attention to the target.

Around 11pm the girls left the last pub so I followed them to the only night club in town, we all queued for around 10 minutes before the girls got to the bouncers who let them in, a few minutes later and I had made it inside, I looked around for the target but couldn’t see any of the group so I got myself another coke and made my way to the smoking area where I saw the target with her friends stood around a table drinking their drinks and chatting away. I lit myself a cigarette and continued to observe my target, before long she came waltzing over to me and asked me for a light to which a produced my lighter and gave it to her, she lite her cigarette and started talking to me, just random rubbish such as where are you from what do you do – all was going well until she asked me if I would like to go back to her friends house for a drink when the night club has closed, I was a little hesitant at first but soon agreed to go, not because she was fit of course but all in the interest of the job in hand.

At about 01.30 and after a really long, deep meaningful conversation with my target it was time to leave the night club and go for drinks at the friends house, we all chatted for the 10 minute walk to the flat above the dry cleaners on the outskirts of town.

Not long after getting there on of the girls fell asleep on the sofa while the other announced she was going to bed as she had work the next morning, leaving only myself and the target awake, the conversations soon turned from relationships and marriage to her favorite sexual position, it was at this point that I really had to dig down deep and remember why I was in the flat talking to the girl in the first place and think about cold showers and moldy custard.

I had noticed throughout the night that her phone kept vibrating while on silent but she would just ignore it, maybe I should have done the same when my phone rang out to the tune of ‘The Great Escape’ my first mistake was putting her husbands full name in my contact list, my second mistake was putting ‘Targets Husband and their full address’ as the business name which all appeared on my iPhone screen, she obviously saw all this as she was sat almost on top of me when I pulled both my phone and my PV-900 out of my pocket.

She didn’t seem to happy, I could tell by the way she was ranting and raving shout obscene profanities at me as I made my hasty retreat to the front door.

As I made the lonely walk back to my car giggling to myself and thinking what I would put on my surveillance report I reached into my pocket to review the footage on my PV-900 I soon lost that smug look on my face when I released that I no longer had it, I made my way back to the flat and knocked on the door (I wasn’t going to leave my favorite and most expensive bit of kit in some strangers house)

When I arrived back I rang the door bell and was greeted by the sleeping beauty who fell asleep on the sofa who must have been awaken by my targets screaming and shouting, I asked if I could come in and chat with her and explained the whole situation, she agreed that she would not confront her husband and I would submit a report telling him how well behaved she was on her night out.

I submitted my report and the video up to the point when I first started to talk to the girls to the agency in Leeds with my Invoice, two days latter I received a text from the husband thanking me for putting his mind at rest, two days after that I was emailed a remittance advice from the Investigation agency. I have since carried out two more tasks for the company in Leeds, using my PV-900 of course that I almost lost.


K Simmons – Ex Police Constable. Somewhere near Northampton.


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